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What is WallhangerAds?

It's a Brand New Site I am Building. Currently these categories have been started:
Aircraft, Alcohol, Auto Parts, Camera, Car Rental, Cars, Clothes, Food, Lighters, Luggage, Railroads, Ships and Tobacco.
Others are coming very soon.

The name WallhangerAds pretty much covers what this site is all about. Some old vintage advertisements ( Adverts ), in addition to being real works of art, are also appropriate to be hung on the wall as real ART - real nice Wall Hangers. A person with a designer's eye will find that with some good matting and a nice picture frame they can have a piece of history that really dresses up a place. The correct category of classic Ad in a business environment, properly presented, can add a lot of extra pizzazz.

Is Shipping & Handling low? Most all Ads are shipped to U.S. locations for $2.00 via First Class Mail. Combined shipping when a few Ads are purchased at the same time which are all destinied to be delivered to the same address will be charged an additional .50 cents.

International S & H will depend on the country of destination so an inquiry will need to be made to determine that.

What payment options can be used? I make it virtually impossible for someone to say that they can't pay for an item. I accept various on-line and/or cell phone payments such as Paypal, Amazon, Moneybookers. Also, CC payments can be processed by Paypal even if you don't have an account. To find out more click the payment link.

I also accept cash, money order, barter( ex.- 1 silver dime = $2.00 ) and Unused U.S. Postage stamps of correct denomination.

What personal information is collected at this site? None. It's as simple as that.
There is no registration here. I don't collect anything. You do not need to log-in, sign-in, worry about passwords, remember the date of your wedding anniversary or your favorite pet's first name. No need to provide any details about yourself.
For exampe, if you want to buy an Ad for a Scripto or Zippo lighter, or a full page Ad for a 1959 Chevrolet Impala you can simply put a few $1.00 dollar bills in an envelope and mail it to me. Or a check! or a Money order.
Fact is, if you want total anonymity, you can mail a cash or Unused postage stamp payment and use a P.O. box to have your item shipped to you.

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