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HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN: spacerWild Garlic Storage Hanger
Copyright:  Mike Sillett


1. Intro
2. Tools
3. Materials
4. Procedure / technique

Photo of a garlic hanger from a racquetball racquet.

1. Intro

One of the traditional ways of storing garlic has been to weave / braid the stalks together into a rope-like strand where the garlic bulbs are the highlight.
Sometimes bows or wreaths are fashioned from those woven strands. All very nice, and practical.

Here is another way, although I use it only on wild garlic, since that is what I forage large amounts of and use on a regular basis.

2. Tools

3. Materials
Racquetball racket ( they are dirt cheap at thrift stores. Tennis or badminton rackets will work )
Many bunches of pulled wild garlic with stems cut to length

4. Procedure

First step is to get plenty of bunches of wild garlic to start with.

Photo of a bunch of wild crow garlic ready to be inserted int holder.
Here are a couple of bunches of crow garlic.
To fill the racket will take about 5 big bunches like these.

Cut the stems to approximately 12 inch lengths.

Photo of the wild garlic stem being cut to length.

Cut small groups and weave through the racket.

Start sticking the stems through the racket. Fill a row then go to the other side and do the same row from the other side.

Photo of a stem of wild garlic being inserted into racquet.

Depending on the stem thickness it's possible to get several through one of the squares from each side.

Keep the stems clustered nice and tight as you continue to fill up each side alternately.

Photo of a racquet halfway filled with crow garlic stems.

Wherever there can be light seen through the racket stick another stem through.

As you fill up the racket there will be opportunities to gather some of the cloves that become detached from the bulb as the stems are pushed through the racket. Set them aside. Those can be used first.

Photo of some of the cloves that fell off during the stem insertion.

Careful to keep aware of the cloves that become detached during the process.

When both sides of the racket have been thoroughly filled up the garlic racket can be left to hang in a warm, dry place to cure for about a week or two. After that hang the racket in a cool, dry dark area.
In our house, because we have central air, the best place is in the cellar. It's always cooler there, and because it is used infrequently it stays dark often. Humidity is not a problem because the air conditioning takes care of that.

Wild garlic, woven like this into a racket, and hung in a cool, dry dark area will last until the following summer when it becomes time to do it all again.

Making a Wild Garlic Storage Hanger

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