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Custom Ceramic Pet Memorials
Custom Ceramic Pet Memorials
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Streamside Fishing Vise - Showing the Tip of Ballpoint Pen With a Fishing Fly Locked In Place

Construct a Streamside Fishing Vise from a used ballpoint pen.

The Pen/Vise holds the hook or fly rather than your fingers to aide in tying on the hook to the fishing line.
Once locked in place the hook or fly is easier to tie on the fishing line because you will be manipulating the pen. Ready.

Photo of a finished Muffin Pizza.

Make Fast and Easy Pizza Pieces from Toasted English Muffins.

Toast the Muffin slices in your regular toaster until crisp. Add desired sauce and toppings and put in oven ten minutes. Great for parties and snacks. Ready.

Click here if you prefer to view on MOBILE device.

Close up photo of Freshly Made Peanut Butter on a slice of Whole Wheat Bread

Make Your Own EXTRA HEALTHY Peanut Butter from fresh peanuts and Walnut Oil.

Buy peanuts at your local grocery's Bulk section and use Heart - Healthy WALNUT OIL to make your own homemade Peanut Butter - as needed. No chance for salmonella poisoning.Ready

ARCHERY: See a video of a Fletching Jig being used.
Video demonstrates a jig that is easy to make by the hobbyist and does a fine job with feathers or vanes.
RCA eight Track being popped open by backwards clothespins

Open an RCA eight track tape cartridge. The rivet type.

An easy technigue for opening eight track tape carts that have a rivet holding the halves together.An easy fix. Ready.

A Splicing Block to Fix Eight Track Tape

Repair a splice on an eight track tape cartridge.

Complete photo instructions on how to find the splice area and how to use sensing foil tape to repair it.Ready.

photo of a screenshot with 'save picture as' option

How to 'Save Picture As' from MyPictureBay, or other web sites.
This tutorial shows, with many screenshot photos, how to save a picture from the internet, create a new file folder and then file that copied photograph to the newly created file folder.
WEB: See an alphabetical list of COMMON ABBREVIATIONS used on popular eCommerce websites
A Jar of Wild Red Crabapple Jelly

Make Red Crabapple Jelly From wild crabapples.

Full photo tutorial. Make Jelly with crabapples and sugar only. No pectin required. Ready.

Staghorn Sumac Pods and Finished Product - Juice

Make Staghorn Sumac 'Pink Lemonade'.

Wild food foraging at it's finest. Recipe included. Make a refreshing lemonaide type drink high in Vitamin C. Ready.

A Sheep's Head Mushroom - Grifola frondosa

Find and Pick Sheep's Head Mushrooms. ( Maitake )

Huge on occasion. Great for the immune system. Forage for these in the fall. Ready.

If you make your own arrows from scratch and use real turkey feathers as fletching
you will love these plans for a homemade feather burner.
The plans are pretty straight forward and easy and the burner works great.
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One gallon of cleaned, sorted and drained wild Black Elderberries weighs 6 pounds.
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Photo of Wild Food Foraging
Wild Food Foraging
Wild Mushroom Report, Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Wild Mushroom Report
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