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Custom Ceramic Pet Memorials
Custom Ceramic Pet Memorials
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JEWELRY: Here is link to a great tutorial on How To Make Beautiful PENDANTS From Scrabble Letter Tiles
photo of a day lily blossom

DayLily ( Day Lily ) Flower Buds - as good as asparagus but FREE!

If you like Aspargus here is a WILD equivalent - tastewise. Seriously!
You will agree, once you prepare the buds the same way as if they are Asparagus, that they are about as close as you can get. Ready.

A Bunch of Fresh growing Lambsquarter

Lambsquarter, one of the better edible weeds in your garden - as good as spinach.
Chenopodium album

Wild spinach. Easy to find. They are almost in every garden, no matter how well you build it. More nutritious than spinach. Ready.

Photo of a bunch of Purslane

Purslane ( Portaluca )- high in Omega-3, pick it as a garden weed and have a very good potherb.

Easy to identify. Grows in many gardens - on it's own'. Seen as a weed by many, however an excellent potherb and salad ingredient. Ready.

FILM PHOTOGRAPHY: Light meters / exposure
Photo showing Hickory Nut halfs easily opened with this method

An easy way to open Shagbark or Shellbark Hickory nuts. Get nut quarters and halves rather than pieces.

Why shatter the nuts and only get little pieces. Learn a method that yields halves and quarters, great for candy making and baking. Ready.

Security Warning Pop-up screenshot photo

How to get rid of that threatening 'Security Warning' when a customer uses a Paypal 'Buy Now' button.

One of the causes is the image host for the Logo that appears on the Paypal 'Custom Payment Page'. That image host MAY BE YOU! Ready.

Some Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms

Pennsylvania Camping Late July? Beautiful and delicious Golden Chanterelles are there to augment your meals.
Cantharellus cibarius

Edible and delicious. Easy to identify. One of the 'safe' mushrooms in the wild mushroom picking field. ready.

Windows XP tip:
Determining the date a website page was last updated.
Go to the site, or the page on the site you are curious about, and then type this in the URL address bar:
A small window will pop up with the date and time of the last update.
Photo of some steps involved in repairing spring cushion pads on eight track tape cartridges

Repair the Spring Cushion Pads on an Eight Track Tape Cartridge.

Start with a felt pad and finish with an attractive, well functioning eight track tape. Ready

Foam Pressure Pad made from weatherstripping, clear tape and plastic strip

Make Your Own Foam Pressure Pads For Your 8 Track Cartridge.

Complete photo instructions on how to make your own foam pressure pads. One of the more critical requirements for making the tape play/sound good.

Splicing Block made from Plastic from a empty laundry jug

Make A Splicing Block / Card for repair of Eight Track Tapes or Reel-To-Reel.

No need for wood, metal, routers and files. An empty laundry jug, a credit card, scissors and contact cement will do. Ready.

On-Line Selling
If you sell On-line on such sites as eBay, etsy, eBid or some other venue why not consider
adding a video to your description to help demonstrate the features of the item you wish to sell.
For certain items a video can make the difference as to whether the item sells or gets a higher bid.
Check out my article Add A Descriptive Video To Your eBay Listings .
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One gallon of stemmed and sorted Wild Black Cherries ( Prunus serotina ) weighs 6 pounds.
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Photo of Wild Food Foraging
Wild Food Foraging
Wild Mushroom Report, Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Wild Mushroom Report
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