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1. Intro
2. Materials
3. Kitchen Equipment
4. Procedure

Close up photo of Freshly Made Peanut Butter on a slice of Whole Wheat Bread

1. Intro

With the peanut butter scare cropping up in the news on a regular basis it is a bit worrisome buying it at your local market or buying those peanut butter snacks. If you like peanut butter and miss having it around for that occasional treat, why not make your own - as needed. It only takes a few minutes.

In addition to making it MY style you will also benefit, healthwise, from the use of Walnut Oil in it's preparation.

Why Walnut Oil?
Because Walnut Oil has a very high amount of Omega 3 oil in it. That's the same essential ingredient that you find in fish oil, the same highly recommended ingredient great for your heart and circulatory system. Get enough of Omega 3 oil in your diet and you will start to see a drop in cholesterol and blood pressure as well.

Not only will you rerive some health benefit, you will be satisfiying your urge for some peanut butter without the worry of salmonella poisoning.

2. Materials

You'll need to have a food grinder or blender or something similar and a 5 Oz. Dixie cup, a soup bowl, fork and spoon. That's all.

I buy a pound or so of unsalted peanuts ( you could use 'salted' peanuts if that's what you like ) at the local grocery store - bulk area.

photo showing the ingredients for making fresh peanut butter.

Here's what I start with. Peanuts still in shell, a food chopper and some Walnut Oil.

3. Kitchen Equipment

A Food Chopper. ( a blender set to chop or grind will work )
Soup bowl.
5 oz. Dixie cup.

4. Procedure

Start by shelling the peanuts and putting them in the 5 oz. Dixie cup until the cup is full.

The finished product will yield enough for a 'Manly' amount of Peanut Butter, that is, a real good portion for a sandwich.

Close-up of shelled peanuts in a Dixie Cup.

As the photo shows, I do leave the thin skin on the peanut when making MY Peanut Butter. You may decide to remove that thin skin. It's a personal thing. I like it with the skins added and MY Peanut Butter crunchy. My wife likes it without the skins and creamy. Take your choice.

When you have shelled enough peanuts to fill the Dixie cup dump them in the food chopper. DO NOT ADD OIL YET.

Close-up of a batch of shelled peanuts in the food chopper

Here is a 5 ounce batch of shelled peanuts ready for chopping / grinding.

Turn on the chopper and let her rip.
I have a small chopper so what I do is pick it up and turn it side to side, upside down, right side up, etc. Bang on the sides, tap it on the counter.
What you want to do is get the peanuts moved around inside the chopper so they all get their chance at being hit by the blades.


photo showing the food chopper being moved about to rearrange the peanuts inside for better chopping.

Since we are grinding / chopping them 'dry' at this point they will move around inside depending on how you move around the chopper. If the oil were added at this point you would not get far in the grinding because the mashed mix would stick to the sides of the chopper.

When you have them chopped up as good as you want you will have something that looks like this. You can grind it further if you want but this is the way I like it.

Photo of chopped up peanuts.

This is the way I like my peanuts chopped. It will make a very good 'Crunchy' Peanut Butter.

Put the chopped peanuts in a soup bowl and add a tablespoon of Walnut Oil.
You can judge it and decide if a bit more oil is warranted. It is not an exact science.

Photo showing the chopped nuts ready for the oil.

Chopped peanuts ready for Walnut Oil and a bit of additional mixing.

Now that the Walnut Oil has been added use the fork to further grind the peanuts. The oil will be mixed into the mashed peanuts.
Work it a few minutes and then maybe use a spoon to mash it a bit more. Do it until you get the consistency the way YOU want.

Photo showing the fork and/or spoon mixing the Walnut Oil into the chopped peanuts.

Chopped peanuts being further ground up with the Walnut Oil.

Ready for a Peanut Butter & Elderberry Jelly sandwich?

Photo showing a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich ready to eat.

Here is my supper.
Mrs. Miller's Elderberry Jelly and homemade fresh Peanut Butter sandwich.


Make Your Own Fresh Peanut Butter

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