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1. Intro
2. Tools
3. Materials
4. Procedure / technique

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Photo of a finished Muffin Pizza.

1. Intro

Ever want a piece of pizza or two at some odd time but don't want to order one for delivery or go get it? Maybe your planning a small party for friends and want snacks? Or maybe you have to take a dish to another's planned party? Maybe you would love to have some INEXPENSIVE heatable Pizza pieces always handy in the freezer to eat on short notice?

Here is the perfect solution.

Easy, Quick and Inexpensive English Muffin Pizza's.

These are almost as easy to make as making a jellied muffin for breakfast.

And when that urge comes upon you, if you keep the makings / toppingsn always handy, you can have some fresh pizza in the time it takes to pre-heat your oven.

2. Tools

Regular toaster
Regular oven
Pizza pan

3. Materials

The various 'Makings' of your choice.

My 'Makings' are:

  • a Jar of Pizza Sauce,
  • Sticks of Pepperoni,
  • English Muffins, ( on occasion you can get Muffins at a Thrift Bakery outlet VERY inexpensively. )
  • Green Pepper,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Mozzarella Cheese.

Photo showing all the ingredients, 'Makings', for Muffin Pizzas.

Here are the 'Makings' of my choice.

Of course, the 'Makings' can vary depending on personal preferences. You can use Pepperjack Cheese or Cheddar, instead of Mozzarella and go toward Mexican.
Use Onions instead of, or in addition to, Green Peppers,
diced Chicken Breast and Broccoli instead of Mushrooms and Pepperoni, etc., etc.

4. Procedure

( 1. ) Before you start with the muffins, turn on the oven and set to 400 degrees and let it pre-heat. Put the rack in the middle part of the oven.
( 2. ) Cut the muffins in half.
( 3. ) Put the muffin halves in the toaster and toast so that they are good and brown and crispy.
      ( If making several for many people make up all the toasted muffins before proceding. )

Photo showing one Muffin, cut in half and toasted. Ready for sauce and toppings.

When the muffin halves are fully toasted spread on the Pizza Sauce, amount depending on personal choice, then add Cheese and other Toppings of your choice.
If you are lucky, while you were toasting and otherwise preparing the muffins, your oven became pre-heated and ready to have the muffins put in.

photo showing heat applied to rivet head by hot soldering iron.

Muffin Pizza pieces all done, ready to eat.

These two pieces are finished and have Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Mozzarella Cheese and Green Pepper slices.
Make your pizza pieces based on what toppings are on hand and the personal preferences of the consumer.

photo showing the tape opened up by the clothespins.

Two finished pieces of English Muffin Pizza ( one muffin ).

You can make several of these finished Muffin Pizzas and put them in a freezer bag. As you want one take from freezer and microwave or warm in the oven.


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