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1. Intro
2a. Procedure - Part 1      Creating a new folder to file your copied photographs
2b. Procedure - Part 2      'Save Picture As' technique

photo of a screenshot with 'save picture as' option

1. Intro

Although most browser's will provide a means of ' Save Picture', 'Copy Picture', 'Save Picture As' or some similar nomenclature, this tutorial applies to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Additionally, this tutorial is not only applicable to copying picture's/photo's from MyPictureBay but from other places throughout the internet where pictures are available - without copyright infringement issues.

Sure, you could copy any photo where 'Right Clicking' your mouse or touchpad works, however, just because you are able to ' Right Click' does not mean that you are legally allowed to copy the photograph.
Many sites will clearly assert their copyright, some will not but you must assume that their rights are being asserted.

Copy only those jpg's, gif's. png's, ico's, photo's from sites that explicitly state that it is okay to do so.

MyPictureBay, a subsite of, does allow you to use photos any way you wish once 'Save Picture As' has been completed.
I can allow it because all the photos made available on MyPictureBay are photos that I personally have taken over the course of many years in On-line sales and other activities.

2a. Procedure Part 1

Here is an example photo that may be desired to be saved.
It could just as well be any photo, anywhere, where there are no copyright issues.

The first consideration of course is, 'Where am I going to file that photo once I get to the SAVE part of the procedure'?

an example of a photo desired to be 'Saved'

This could be any photo found on MyPictureBay.

You need a file folder to file the photos you will be saving.

First, go to your 'Desktop' and, somewhere away from the icons you have on your desktop, 'Right Click' your mouse or notebook touchpad.
A first Pop-up menu will appear.( the one on the left in the picture below )

Of the several choices available, your choice in that first Pop-up menu will be 'NEW' ( the one with the blue highlight in the screenshot).

When you hover your cursor over NEW another Pop-up will appear immediately right next to the one that popped up the first time.
On the second Pop-up menu you will choose 'FOLDER' ( the uppermost icon on that Pop-up menu that looks like a folder )

screenshot of 'NEW' and 'FOLDER' options

This screenshot shows the two Pop-up menus on your desktop.

After clicking on that ' Folder' icon, shown above in the Pop-up menu, you will get something that looks like this below:( the one with the blue highlight labeled ' New Folder (2)'. Note: the other New Folder is actually one of my folders on my desktop. Forget about it. )

screenshot of 'NEW' and 'FOLDER' options

This screenshot shows the 'New Folder' that was just created - the one with the blue highlight.

That new icon is the 'New Folder ' you just created. Although yours won't be labeled with a (2).
Because I already have a real folder labeled 'New Folder', Internet Explorer automatically labeled the next one 'New Folder(2)'

You can re-name that folder ( if you wish to ) by hovering over it with the cursor, right clicking it so another Pop-up appears where you will have several choices, one of which is a choice to RENAME - see screenshot below, second from bottom in the Pop-up menu is what you want.

screenshot of option to Rename Folder'

This screenshot shows the option to 'Rename ' the new folder you just created.

After you click on the option to ' Rename ' you will be faced with a screenshot that looks like the one below: the blue highlight will be blinking.

screenshot of option to Rename Folder'

This screenshot shows the area ( the blue blinking highlighted area ) where you will type the new name for the folder that you just created.

In this example tutorial type in - copied photos - where the blue blinking appears under the icon that looks like a folder.

Remember where that folder is on your computer, you will need to know that when you get to the 'Save Picture As' part of this tutorial.         I'll say it again - REMEMBER WHERE THAT FOLDER IS!

Now that you have created a file folder to store all the photos you will be copying you are ready to start 'Saving' photos from MyPictureBay, or anywhere else on the web.

2b. Procedure - Part 2

Now go back to the photo you want to copy. In this example we are saving a picture from the web site where there is a picture we want a copy of.
Hover the cursor over the photo and 'Right Click', either with your mouse or notebook's right touchpad.

A pop-up will appear that looks like this:

photo showing Pop-up of 'Save Picture As '

Screen shot of pop-up menu.

From that Pop-up menu you will choose ' Save Picture As'.( 7 lines down from the top of the Pop-up menu). Click it. A regular 'click'

A Pop-up will appear that looks like this.

screenshot showing option menu to 'Save In' and 'Save As'

Screenshot of pop-up menu where you find the New Folder you created previously AND where you will type in a name for the photo you want to save.

Now you will have a choice to name the photo anything you desire ( or leave the name alone if you want ) and 'Save In' the location on your computer ( remember 'Desktop' from before?) where you previously created a folder and named that folder ' copied photos ' is located.

Look at the top of the Pop-up menu in the above photo. There is an area with a drop-down address bar ( labeled 'Save In' ).
Clickthe arrow and find the right location, in our example - Desktop. Click it. A regular click.
You want 'Desktop' to appear in the address bar area - like the screenshot shows.

Find the folder in the large open area where a bunch of files and folders appear and find the one named 'copied photos' and double click it. You will then get the screenshot below:

screenshot showing final destination where copied photo will be saved

Screenshot of pop-up menu where you find the New Folder you created previously AND where you will type in a name for the photo you want to save.

Right after that, in the lower part of the Pop-up, is a place to name the particular photo you will 'Save'.
Lets call the photo - Labyrinth. Type it in the 'Save As' area then click the button on the right labeled SAVE.

That's it. You just copied a photo from the web (in this example from ) and saved that photo to your computer.
It is named Labyrinth
It is in a file folder called ' copied photos'.
The folder's location is on your 'Desktop'.

How To 'Save Picture As' from MyPictureBay

Feel free to copy the information for your own use.

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