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ARCHERY - Bow & Arrow
Arrow Making Fletching Jig - Feather Burner

Photo of a Feather Burner with arrow feathers burned as desired.
Photo of a Feather Burner Jig burning off, to desired form, the turkey feathers on the arrow.

( 1. ) Between Bolts = 5 1/2 to 6 inches. Locate the drilled holes inboard from back edge about 1/2 inch.
( 2. ) Between small wood supports = approx 7 1/2 inches.
( 3. ) The Hole and the Notch on each small board should be situated 'toward the bolts' , that is, nearer to where the Music Wire Form ( the burning wire) will be. The idea is to keep the arrow shaft near to the wire so that the wire isn't hanging way out from the bolts.

The reason that the dimension are flexible is because ultimately the Music Wire will be formed 'as you need it' so that the form of the wire makes perfect contact with the shaft as it is turned.

You will keep at it, bend here, form there, bend here, form there, etc., etc., until you get the 'SHAPE' and it's LOCATION, relative to the arrow shaft, just the way you want it. Eventually, you'll have it bent(formed) just right.

Remember that with the brass nuts and washers you will be able to adjust height and depth of inboard of the Music Wire Form by loosening nuts, as needed, and/or turning the nuts lower on the bolt before re-tightening.


Feather Burning Jigs, A/K/A Fletching Burners, can be purchased ready made and homemade. They fetch a pretty hefty price either way.

An alternative is to make one yourself.
The parts are readily available, inexpensive, mostly, and making one is very easy.

With a length of .025 Music Wire(Piano Wire), BRASS nuts, washers & bolts, a piece of 1 X 4 wood and a used Hobby Transformer you can make a turkey fletching Feather Burner for a pittance.

( 1 ) The base board is cut to 10 inches.
( 2 ) Screw on the end pieces from the bottom. ( Actually, The size is up to the maker. As long as the bottom of the notch on the right is level with the bottom of the hole on the left piece (or groove [ like my own - see photo ] if you decide on that method instead of the hole. )
( 3 ) Drill two holes for Brass Bolts. Counterbore the holes at the bottom so the head of the bolt will be recessed.
( 4 ) Form the music wire into the shape you want the feathers to be burned.
( 5 ) There are two brass nuts and one brass washer for each brass bolt.
  (a.)Between two nuts attach the lead from music wireto each bolt.
  (b.) Between a nut & washer attach the leads for the transformer to each bolt.
Tighten down the wing nut.

( 6 ) Put the fletched arrow in place, turn on the transformer, rotate the arrow and when all three ( or four ) feathers are trimmed off immediately turn off the transformer.

Description _ MATERIALS:
  • 1 ---- 1 X 4 X 10 inch wood board.
  • 2 ---- 1 X 1 3/4 X 2 1/2 inch End Pieces
  • 2 ---- Brass - 10 X 24 X 2 inch machine bolts
  • 4 ---- Brass Nuts
  • 2 ---- Brass Washers
  • 2 ---- Brass Wing Nuts
  • 4 ---- 2 inch screws ( 2 per side - to attach the wood end pieces )
  • 2 ---- Lengths ( your choice ) of insulated wire. Some #12 wires from inside sheathed cable from left-over house wiring will work fine )

Materials are easily obtained at hardware stores. Hobby transformers can be purchased at hobby shops, thrift stores, classified ads, etc.
Music Wire can be purchased at many websites and at music stores. Piano wire and/or Guitar wire would be other names of the wire you need.
An 18 inch length of .025 Music Wire should cost around $4.00 to $5.00. If you correctly locate the turning arrow shaft supports near to the where the Burn Wire Form will be an 18 inch length will be more than enough.

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