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HOW TO MAKE:white spacer imageCrabapple Hand Pies - Part 2

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Title photo: Crabapple Hand Pies.
Crabapple Hand Pies

4. Procedure / technique

Then separate each of the balls into 8 little chunks of dough. When divided down to this many pieces of dough the resulting dough discs that will be filled with crabapple filling will be very thin! That is the way I like it.
You on the other hand, may wish to have the dough a bit thicker. If you do then divide each of the two balls of dough into 5 or 6 pieces.

The feature of My hand pies is the 'Filling' not the 'Crust'.

Some people go to great lengths to make a real good crust because, compared to a regular pie which has more filling than crust per bite, hand pies usually have less filling than crust.
That would be true if the crust is thick. However, I go to extra lengths to keep the crust very thin so that these hand pies have just the right amount of crust to go with the amount of filling. I can get away with really thin crusts because I am not hung up on worrying about the appearance.

Photo of equally divided - more or less - pieces of dough that will be rolled into discs.
Using a knife, each doughball was separated into 8 equal amounts of dough - more or less.
For thicker crusts on each hand pie separate each doughball into 5 or 6 pieces of dough.

Each of the pieces of dough need to be rolled into discs big enough to hold some filling. Roll them out and set aside until you have all the pieces of dough rolled out.

Photo of 16 rolled out dough discs.
All the dough portions have been rolled out into discs awaiting the filling.

Now it is time to fill the discs. Each disc will be slightly different in shape and size - unless you are a perfectionist and insist on really getting into the appearance - so each filling amount for each disc will be slightly more or less than the next.

Photo of a disc of rolled dough being filled with crabapple filling.
Eacg disc will probably have varied amounts of filling, depending on the disc size.

Fold over the dough to the other dough edge and seal the edge using the tines of a fork.

Photo of a hand pie all filled and sealed along the edges.
After the dough is folded over the filling the edges are sealed by pressing the tines of a fork into the dough.

Pre-heat the oven to 425°.
While oven is getting ready put the sealed hand pies on a large enough cookie sheet. Bake for 40 minutes.

Photo of hand pies ready for the oven.
All the hand pies have been sealed and placed on a large cookie sheet ready for the oven.

Remove from oven when done and remove from cookie sheet to a plate. Eat a couple while hot.

Photo of 16 Crabapple Hand Pies ready to enjoy.
Crabapple Hand Pies on a serving platter ready to eat - or await another day.

I like them with a little homemade cranberry syrup brushed on and then sprinkled with just a little sugar.
Some people like them just the way they are coming out of the oven. Others like an icing on them. You'll have to decide.

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Crabapple Hand Pies - Part 2

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