Some of the things I learned over the decades that may be of use to someone else.
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Construct a Streamside Fishing Vise from a used ballpoint pen.

Make Fast and Easy Pizza Pieces from Toasted English Muffins.

Make Your Own Extra Healthy Peanut Butter from fresh peanuts and Walnut Oil.

Open an RCA eight track tape cartridge. The rivet type.

Repair a TIGHT - WOUND eight track tape.

Repair a splice on 8 track tape cartridge.

How to 'Save Picture As' from MyPictureBay, or other web sites.

Make Red Crabapple Jelly From wild crabapples.

Make Staghorn 'Sumac Pink Lemonade'.

Find and Pick Sheephead Mushrooms.

Daylily ( Day Lily ) flower buds - as good as asparagus but FREE !

Lambsquarter, one of the better edible weeds in your garden - as good as spinach.

Purslane ( Portaluca ) - high in Omega-3, pick it as a garden weed and have a very good potherb.

An easy way to open Shagbark or Shellbark Hickory nuts. Get nut quarters and halves rather than pieces.

How to get rid of that threatening 'Security Warning' when a customer uses a Paypal 'Buy Now' button.

Pennsylvania Camping Late July? Beautiful and delicious Golden Chanterelles are there to augment your meals.
Repair Eight Track Spring Cushion Pads.

Make Your Own Foam Pressure Pads For Your 8 Track Cartridge.

Make A Splicing Block / Card for repair of Eight Track Tapes or Reel-To-Reel.

How To Prepare Wild Pears
Into Delicious Pear Quarters In Syrup.

How To Process Wild Black
into Clean Juice.

How To Scout For and
Find Wild Black Elderberries For Later Picking.

How To Make Bamboo Skewer
Blowgun Darts

How To Make A Homemade Plumb-bob As An Aid For Making Consistent Cone Fletching For Blowgun Darts.

How To Do a Alcohol Pectin Test For Determining Natural Pectin Content In Berry and Fruit Juice - For Jelly, Jam and Marmalade Making.

How To Make Your own Natural Liquid Pectin For making Jellies, Jams and Marmalades.

Make your own Bread crumbs ( or better yet - Gluten Free crumbs ) from left-over stale bread or bargain loaves.

Home Copper Mining For Fun and Profit. Penny Sorting For U.S. Copper Cents.

How To Make a Penny Comparitor To Help Sort Copper Pennies From Zinc.

How and Where To Spend or Cash In Zinc Pennies Accumulated During Copper Penny Sorting.

Archery - How To Make A Fletching Burner.

How to Cannibalize 2 AC-DC Power Adapters To Make one that you need.

Apple Pancakes for breakfast or snacks when apples are cheap or easily found.

How To Fillet / Filet A Trout - 'Cut Through The Rib Method'.

How To Pick 5 Gallons Of Highbush Blueberries In One Hour.

How To make Japanese Knotweed Jelly - small quantity recipe.

Growing Watercress At Home For Yourself.

How To Eat / Cook A Native Brook Trout.

Foraging For 'Safe To Eat' Cattail Sprouts.

Making Wild Black Cherry Jelly.

How To Make A Maple Sap Spile / Spout From Elderberry Wood.

Canning Hungarian Hot-wax Banana Peppers.

Faux Shrimp Cocktail From Boiled Bluegill Fillets.

Get To Know Chickweed And Have Really Good Tossed Salad Foundational Greens Almost All Year.

How To Fillet Bluegill, Sunfish and Other Panfish.

Sardine Patties As An Omega-3 Fatty Acid Source.

How To Make Crabapple Sauce From WIld Crabapples.

American Hazelnuts - Finding Bushes And Picking Nuts.

Gathering, Dehusking, Washing and drying Black Walnuts and Butternuts.

How To Make Crabapple Sauce Pancakes.

Refilling Nonrefillable Insect Repellent Spray Pens From 4 fl oz Pump.

Wild Apple ( Feral Apple ) Applesauce.

How To Make A Crabapple Pie.

Stocking up / Putting Up Common Milkweed Pods.

Sheepshead Mushroom Patty.

How To Make Crabapple Hand Pies.

Harvesting Common / Great Mullein Pith To Use Like Elderberry Pith.

Foraged Logs, All-Wood, Hand Tool Only Shaving Horse.

How To Make Chunky Crabapple Pancake Syrup - Pending.

Follow Along And Make An Accurate 1/4 Scale Model Birch Bark Canoe - 13 foot Algonquin Hunter's Canoe.

How To Make a Maple Syrup Density / Thickness Tester Using The Principle of Specific Gravity.

How To Make Wild Grape Jelly.

No Cost - Hobby Maple Syrup Making.

Garlic Hanger From A Racquetball Rack.

Modify A Bowsaw To Make It Packable.

Corona Folding Pruning Saw Fix - for Model 7245 and others.

Making Your Own Charcoal On Weber Charcoal Grill.

How To Make Your Own Filé Powder.

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