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Package shipping weight
Is defined as the total weight of the item plus the box, envelope or wrapping material,
in addition to bubble wrap and/or packaging peanuts.

Is defined as the time and effort in packing the items securely and delivering
them to the Post Office.
Handling also includes any incidental costs for obtaining packing suppiles such as tape,
envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap and/or packaging peanuts.

Combined Purchases
Whenever someone purchases several items at one time, or within a reasonably close time period,
AND when there is one payment for those several items,
AND if all the items are addressed for the same location, S & H costs are determined
based on the package's total weight, mailing method chosen and final destination.

There are usually substantual savings in S & H charges in cases of multiple item purchases.
Often, an extra item or two will add nothing extra to the S & H costs.

However, the 'Amazon Payments'and 'Paypal Checkout Buttons' are, in most cases, not set up to handle such combined purchases. I will make adjustment to buyer via a partial refund after the purchase.

Questions reqarding S & H charges for combined purchases, or to get a firm quote or invoice,
can be sent directly to my email.
All I will need is your ZIP CODE and the items you are considering purchasing.

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Methods and Locations
I ship items primarily via the United States Postal Service.

Shipping methods are:
Media Mail - for books, periodicals, video games, movies, records, cassettes,
eight track tapes and computer games.
( unless First Class Mail is less expensive - which happens more than might be expected).
First Class Mail - for items weighing up to 13 ounces.
Priority Mail - for items 14 ounces on up to 70 pounds.
'Flat Rate' Priority Mail ( either box or envelope ) when it is more of a financial advantage
for the buyer than regular Priority
In many cases items with sufficient weight will ship at a lesser cost than regular Priority Mail,
if the item(s) fit into one of several 'Flat Rate' boxes or envelopes provided
by the United States Postal Service.
Parcel Post - for items that weigh too much to ship Priority Mail
or if more advantageous to ship Parcel Post.

Continental United States
'Continental' is defined as that part of the U.S. south of Canada and north of Mexico.

Alaska and/or Hawaii
Except for First Class Mail ( 13 ounces or less ), Media Mail and Flat Rate Priority shipping
( either envelope or box ), items being mailed to Alaska and/or Hawaii will be designated
with increased shipping charges.

United States Territorial Possessions
See 'Alaska' and Hawaii' above. The same conditions may apply.
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Insurance through United States Postal Service
Insurance is always an 'option' by the buyer. The U. S. Postal Service provides shipping insurance
at various charges depending on the value of the item being shipped.

For items with total charges of $5.00 or more I automatically provide a 'Delivery Confirmation'
tracking number.
In most of these situations that suffices to assure the item's safe arrival. However,
if insurance is still desired, in lieu of, or in addition to Delivery Confirmation, let me know via email.

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Delivery Confirmation through the United States Postal Service
'Delivery Confirmation' is not required to be purchased by the buyer.
If the item's total value, which includes cost of S & H, is $5.00 or more, i include a tracking number
via the 'Delivery Confirmation' process.

The cost is 'built-in' with the S & H that is quoted for the item.

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Local Pick-Up
If the buyer lives near enough to my geographic area, that is, in and about Greensburg,
Latrobe, Youngwood, Mt. Pleasant, etc. ( Southwestern Pa. ), i would be glad to waive S & H costs
and meet someone at the nearest McDonald's, or other restaurant, around lunch time for delivery.

If that may be a desire, email me for more details.

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Insurance through United States Postal Service
Because the United States Postal service treats various methods of shipping to various countries differently,
there is no set answer to the question as to whether shipping insurance is available for international shipping locations.
If you want a difinitive answer please email me with the name of the item of interest and the country of destination.

Generally, shipping insurance is available for Priority Mail International or Express Mail International.

Priority Mail
Generally, a more expensive method of shipping.
However, it is available should someone desire that method.

If you need/want 'Priority Mail International', possibly because with this method shipping insurance
is more than likely available, please email me before purchase to let me know.

'Flat Rate' Priority Mail
Many items mailed internationally, if the weight is less than 4 pounds,
may fit into a 'Flat Rate' Priority Mail International box or envelope.
If so, and if less expensive, than that will be the manner of mailing.
First Class Mail International
Since the vast majority of items are smaller, light weight items, most of such items are mailed
via First Class Mail International.
Proof of Mailing
'Proof of Mailing' is included in the cost of shipping for international items
if the total cost of the item, S & H included, equals at least $10.00.
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Four styles of Customized Ceramic Pet Memorial Markers, and variations


Production, Shipping & Handling

I will usually construct the marker within 24 hours after payment and information are received.
It will be shipped in 10 to 14 days, depending upon the firing schedule.
With drying time and firing, (every piece is fired twice requiring a full day for each),
the time required to complete the marker can vary.
I will email you the exact shipping date as soon as possible so you will know when to expect delivery.

If you are contemplating the purchase of over 100 Pet Markers at a time
( as some pet cemeteries have inquired ) I will need plenty of lead time.
These are not 'Made Ahead' of time. They are made as sold.

Shipping Locations are United States and Canada.

Shipping for - Pet Monuments / Markers - in the U.S.A. - is via the United States Postal Service, Parcel Post.

Shipping for - Pet Monuments / Markers in Canada - is via 'First Class Mail International'. and is $9.00.

In cases of multiple orders there is a shipping & handling discount.
Charges will be based on total package weight, not 'per piece'.

Please utilize the 'Comment Area' of the 'Online Order Form' for inquiries regarding S & H costs,
either domestic or international.

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