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The primary goal is customer satisfaction, therefore, many items listed on this site are eligible for return and a refund of the item price will be given.

Perishable, readable, and clothing items do not qualify.
That would include nature products, sold in season, comprising such things as: flowers, seeds, bulbs, nuts, fruit, mushrooms, etc. Also included as non-returnable items are books, magazines, pamphlets, clothing or clothing accessories of specific size.

Of course, if the error is my mistake, I will take full responsibilty and issue a full refund, including shipping & handling charges.
An example would be if I sent the wrong title of book or magazine, or if I sent the wrong color or size of clothing.

Please contact me prior to returning the item - email me - and I will provide the necessary information to you to have the item returned.
In some cases, because many items that are sold on this site are very inexpensive, it may be more economically/financially feasable to just issue a refund and forget about having the item(s) remailed to me.

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