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On this site there is no 'LOG-IN', no registration, and no pre-approval requirements.

I do NOT gather or process any financial information such as:
credit card numbers, pin numbers, secure code numbers,
names of your credit/debit cards, etc.

If you do decide to pay via credit card/debit card it will be because you clicked
on the Paypal or Amazon Payments 'Pay Button' and thereafter
became re-directed to their respective secure websites ( https: ) - on their sites
- NOT this one.

Indeed, if you are really concerned about protecting such financial information
you can use YOUR Paypal account ( or someone else's Paypal account,
such as your spouse's, sibling or friend ) and use the 'Balance Transfer'
or 'eCheck' option --- OR -- send a payment in the mail
( cash, M.O., 'silver' coin or Unused U.S. Postage ).

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Paypal, in all forms of payment methods, is accepted.

Also of note; even if you do NOT have a Paypal account,
you can still use your Credit Card to pay by clicking on the 'Checkout' button.
You will be re-directed to Paypal's site and when there you will be given the opportunity
to have your payment processed either as a Paypal payment
OR via your Visa, Mastercard, Diner's Club, etc.

There is no need to divulge personal financial information
when using the Paypal payment options.

When clicking on a Paypal or Amazon Payments 'Buy Button' or 'Add To Cart' button
you are taken to a secure Paypal ( https: ) website for payment transactions.

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U.S. Cash, paper currency or coin, is accepted for select items.
The item itself will be noted as being a CASH payable item.
If it is not so noted then CASH is NOT an option.

Generally such items will be $5.00 or less in value with S & H costs included
to determine total value.
Some times, cash is the least expensive method of making a payment.

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Foreign Cash ( properly converted at the current exchange rate)
from the following countries, and for select items, are also accepted:

See: www., where a chart and/or 'currency converter' can be used
for ascertaining the correct amount to send for the item purchased.

Please, also include S & H in the currency conversion process.

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Canadian Money Orders are as good as U.S. Money Orders,
as long as the amount is made out in U.S. Dollars.
Shipping is the next business day after receipt.

More information about Canada Post Money Orders is at:

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Postal Money Orders are as good as cash.

Shipping is the next business day after receipt.

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Private/Corporate/Company Money Orders, such as K-Mart, 7-11, Walmart, Sunoco, Bp Oil,
Safeway, Cumberland Farms, Western Union, etc., etc. are more like Personal Checks.
They need to clear the banking process - which may take 7 to 10 days or more.
In addition, counterfeit schemes involving such M.O's are not uncommon.

Shipping will be delayed at least 10 days for this process.

For more information about these types of Money Orders see -

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Cashier's checks are almost as good as cash.
Shipping time depends on the financial entity's name that issued the Cashier's Check.
Because some Cashier's Checks have been known to have been counterfeited,
it will be the seller's decision, to decide if shipping is immediate or delayed,
as in the case of Personal Checks.

More information about Cashier's Checks is on:

Certified Checks are another form of payment that is almost as good as cash.

For more information about Certified Checks check out this link:

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'Unused' U.S. Postage, in the correct amount, is as good as cash.
Shipping is the next business day after receipt.

If you plan to pay via 'Unused' U.S. Postage please email me to let me know
you are mailing a payment.

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'Silver Coin' is accepted for payment at a ratio of 14 to 1.
That means a 'silver dime' is worth $1.40;
a 'silver quarter' is worth $3.50;
a 'silver half-dollar' is worth $7.00;
and a 'silver dollar' is worth $14.00.

Of course it has to be 'silver.
For U.S. coins that would be those minted up through 1964 ( pennies and nickels excepted ).

I'll accept other countries 'silver' also. Just make sure they are 'silver.

If you plan to pay via 'silver coin' please email me to let me know you are mailing it.

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Bakeman-Art Custom Pet Grave Markers

Payments for Custom Ceramic Pet Grave Monuments / Markers can be made via Paypal,
Google Checkout, Money Order and Personal check.

Canada Post Money Orders, payable in U.S. Dollars, are also acceptable.

For mail in payments such as money orders and checks please utilize the Online Order Form'

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