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photo of the hitchhiker bird a/k/a Tickbird on a hippo. A metaphor for S.H.I.P. - Silysavg's Hitchhiker Item Protocol - a means of providing Free Shipping and Handling for select items

Thank you very much for considering the purchase of an item from, or NaturesPickings.
Your inquiry is very much appreciated.

I have been of the belief for years that there is no such thing as 'Free Shipping'.
Many people are of the same opinion.
Afterall, the United States Postal Service, UPS, FEDEX and others won't deliver anything for free will they?

So, the only way that 'Free Shipping' survives as a concept in the mind of man is by means of the seller inflating the price of an item to make up the shipping cost, or, if the seller sells at normal price, knowingly takes a loss from some of the profit.
Neither in the former nor latter case is the end result 'Free Shipping'. In the former the buyer pays for shipping which is hidden in the item price. In the latter the seller is paying by virtue of losing some of the profit margin.

SO, how can I offer 'Free Shipping' after having just explained above how there is no such thing?


It's because I only offer 'Free Shipping' for select items. Items that are either very thin, very small, very lightweight or all of the above.
Or, in the case of books ( Media Mail ), if the 2nd or 3rd book do not raise the weight by another postal increment they ship for free.
Many times 2 or 3 books can be shipped at the exact same price as one because the shipping rate is based on 1 pound increments.
Here's an example - If one book weighs 5 ounces and two books weigh 10 ounces then the package weight is still under 1 pound. Sending two books costs the same as one.
If you are not sure about possible purchases qualifying for S.H.I.P please send me an email. and ask.

Like the Tickbird on a Hippo, the added weight means nothing to the package.

With such items neither the seller nor the buyer will pay for mailing charges.

Here's another example:
Let's take a Scrabble Replacement Letter or Aluminum Score Peg purchased 'by the piece'.
They meet the requirement of being very small and lightweight. Even a couple of each would.

Mailed by themselves they still have a shipping cost.
I still have to take the envelope they're in to the Post Office to be mailed. Still have to buy an envelope or take the time to make one, no matter how inconsequential of an item.
Are you still with me?

Now let's say that you purchase a coffee cup, or a pair of athletic shoes, or even a book and you think you could also use a Scrabble Letter or two or a couple of Aluminum Score pegs.
Do you see where I am going with this?

There is no way I would feel right charging a customer a $1.00 for S & H to mail a Scrabble Letter if I can put that Scrabble Letter in the same package as the shoes, book or coffee cup, which would not increase the package weight one iota and therefore cost nothing extra.

That is REAL.

That is 'FREE SHIPPING' in the real sense.

SO, there you have it. MY POLICY.
If you believe that there is an item on my website that is so small, lightweight and/or thin that it can be a HITCHHIKER in the same package as some other bigger item that is purchased you will not pay S & H for the little hitchhiker item.

SO, if you are contemplating the purchase of some little hitchhiker type items, find a book, magazine, ashtray or whatever to buy in addition to such little thingys and include those little thingys in the package.
You'll reap the savings in shipping, in effect, getting an item a bit cheaper.
Do the math. It works.

If you want to get a definite assurance from me about potential HITCHHIKER purchases email me and ask.
I respond very quickly.


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