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What type of payment methods you accept?

Since an overwhelming number of items on this website are very inexpensive, even with shipping costs taken into consideration, I have made a concerted effort to provide potential customers with a substantial number of payment options.
  Foreign cash,
  Unused U.S. Postage Stamps,
  Cashier's Check,
  Money Orders,
  Postal Money Orders,
  U.S. 'silver' coins at a 14 to 1 ratio, and
  Canadian Money Orders.

For further information on payment options go to the payment page or click the question link above.

Do you accept Credit Card Payments?

To process Credit Card payments I use Paypal and/or Google. With these entities you can choose to use one of the major credit cards.

When you click on one of the Paypal 'Pay' buttons you will have the option of either using your Paypal account to pay, if you have an account, OR if you do not have an account you can click on the 'pay by credit card' link after 'Checkout'

More information on payment options is located at the payment page. You can click the link above to go there.

Do you ship worldwide?

I ship to the United States, U.S.Territories, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel.

Other countries may be a possibility. If you wish to inquire please email me.

I don't see a 'Shopping Cart' on your site. Why not?

I am building this site from scratch. Being retired I have the time to learn everything I need to get this website up and running.

I don't know yet how to get a free Shopping Cart. Paying a couple of hundred dollars for a cart and having someone integrate it on the site would be additional expenses. To offset those extra expenses I would need to sell the things I do at a higher amount and charge higher S & H rates, in effect, making it practically impossible to sell items for less than a dollar, which I sell on a regular basis.

As it is I am doing fine right now without it by utilizing the built-in security of Paypal 'Buy Now' buttons, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments.

In any case, many people prefer to send check, cash or money order because there is still much suspicion about vulnerability to personal and/or financial information on the internet, especially with small websites.

What shipping carrier do you use?

Mostly, for almost all items, it is United States Postal Service.

For special situations, such as in the case of oversized or excess weight, USPS restrictions or in case of specific customer need,
UPS and/or Fedex might be an option.
If you need to know ahead of time send me an email.

Do you accept returns of merchandise?

Returns of merchandise is explained in the 'Return Policy' page. Or click the question above.

How much time do I have to return an item that qualifies for being returned?

Items that qualify for 'Merchandise Return' must be returned to no later than 10 days from item's receipt.
The' receipt date' is the date that' Delivery Confirmation' states as the 'Delivered' date.

In situations where 'Delivery Confirmation' was not an option, such as where the total item costs( S & H included ) is less than $5.00, the deadline is 14 days from shipping date to buyer.

More information on 'Returns' is on the 'Return Policy' page or click the question above.

Do you ship to APO's and FPO's?


There are too many restrictions placed on packages by the USPS and/or MPO ( Military Post Office ) to have a reasonable assurance that a package will arrive.

Is shipping insurance available for items?

Insurance is available through the USPS at extra cost. Insurance can be included as an additional cost should a buyer wish it.

For further information on insurance cost through the USPS please click on the question above. It links to the USPS website's insurance info page.

Is a tracking number provided for items being shipped?

Tracking numbers through the USPS 'Delivery Confirmation' procedure will be provided when total cost of item + S & H is more than $5.00.

For further information on shipping and handling go to the question link above.

Is there a discount for S & H charges if several items are purchased?( Combined Purchases )

In cases where two or more items are purchased, one payment is made and the shipping location is the same, there will oftentimes be a substantual reduction in S & H charges for such total package.
  For example, in cases of paperback books - there are situations where the shipping charges ( Media Mail ) are the same whether one book is mailed orwhethet it's two or three, depending on book size of course. In such situations it's like not paying S & H at all for the additional items.

For further information on shipping and handling click the question link above.

Who? What? Where? Why? When?

Have a question, please do not hesitate to ask. Just click on the link immediately above and you can send me an email.

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