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Private Detector Network

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Private Detector Network List of 'Private Detectors' by States

At the right navigation block is a list ( only one state currently since this is a new concept ) of the U. S. States that have 'Private Detectors' registered as being available for the 'Private Detector Network'.
Just click on the state where you reside, if shown, to see if there is someone in a city near you.

Currently the map shows three areas of coverage. Click a link to see where.
Southwestern Pennsylvania,

Photo of a map of the U.S.A. The red dots indicate areas / regions of coverage

Your state or city not listed as having a registered Private Detector?


The 'Private Detector Network' is a member of various forums of the metal detecting hobby / community. While this site is endeavoring to become well known the Private Detector Network will post a listing, if it appears that help can be provided, where it can be seen by metal detectorist's. Possibly someone on the forums may reside in your locality and can be of assistance.

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