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Private Detector Network

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About Me And Why I Started The 'Private Detector Network'?

I started metal detecting ( treasure hunting ) as a hobby in 1981. From that point, when I found my first metallic item, I became hooked. It was not long after beginning the hobby that I found an item of historical significance and which the original owner was ever so thrilled to receive again. Since then it has always been in the back burner of my mind that when I retired and had an opportunity to do so I would try something like this Private Detector Network to provide some means whereby owners of lost items can find someone with professional equipment and the skill in it's use in finding such items.

My first 'returned' item was a sterling silver religious medallion which belonged to member of the Sisters of Mercy that operated a now defunct girls college in Latrobe, Pa.
The Medallion was inscribed with something to the effect of: "To Sister so and so in appreciation of 25 years - Silver Jubilee". The other side was religious in nature with a Saint that I do not recall. It was the size of a half dollar and the silver chain and clasp was with it when found under approximately 4 inches of topsoil near an abandoned tennis court at the college.

I felt as good about returning the item as i am sure the Sister's of Mercy felt in having it returned to their order.

My hobby lasted only for a few years - through 1985 - when raising a family and job requirements took over. During that period there was much success in land detecting and then even more success water detecting in swimming areas. Coins, jewelry, small caches and relics were the successes.
Now that I am retired I am back into the hobby.
In March of 2011, the first day of Spring in fact, the detector that had been hanging on a pegboard clip in the cellar since 1985 was taken out for a walk at a local community center and after 1 hour of searching and re-learning the detector's functions I ended up finding some clad coins and a 1941 Mercury dime. Two days later, at an old practice football field, another 1 hour search yielded some clad coins and a 1937 Mercury dime.
It must have been an omen finding silver in such brief searches with a detector that was in disuse since 1985. Because it certainly got me hooked all over again.

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Now That I Have Been Teaching Myself How To Make A Website

I decided to start this adjunct - Private Detector Network - as part of my regular websites.

Oftentimes when browsing the internet I see listings on sites where someone ( a 'seeker' of a lost item ) is trying to find a person with a metal detector ( a 'finder' of lost items ) to help find a ring, property marker or septic tank lid, etc. I am sure that on occasion a 'finder' lives close to the area where a 'seeker' lives but each is not aware of the others existence.

As noted on the main page, modern top of the line metal detectors have so many features that it is possible to search and find lost items in as little as a few minutes in cases of knowing a near-abouts location. If a 'seeker' can get in touch with a 'finder' - or vice versa - with such modern technology use the chances for lost item recovery is greatly enhanced.

Contacting the Private Detector Network can be one of the steps to recovery.

I started this site so that 'finders' can register themselves as being available in certain localities and 'seekers' can do likewise, giving their general location, type of lost item and date of loss so that the 'finder' can see what is lost in their area and so that 'seekers' can see who is available in their area that may be able to be of help.

This site is however a new endeavor so it will take a while for 'Finders' and 'Seekers' to become aware of its' existence and a while longer for either/both to actually use the site.

Give it a try !

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