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Private Detector Network

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How To Register as A 'Seeker' ( client of ) a 'Private Detector'

The only way that you will be put in touch with a 'Private Detector' is to register as a 'Seeker' of the services of a 'Private Detector'.

Registering is easy. All you need to do is send an email.

An example of the type of email is directly below.

Photo of example letter needing a 'Private Detector'

When the 'The Private Detector Network' receives such an email the information is given to the 'Private Detector' that is registered for the same or nearby area as the lost item.
That is the extent of it all.

The 'Private Detector Network' has no interest in keeping emails or records of people that register as 'Seekers' of a 'Private Detector'. The 'Private Detector Network' only keeps track of the 'Private Detectors' that are registered so they can be told when a 'Seekers' needs their services in their locality.

The information that is needed from a 'Seeker' as part of the registration process

is the 'Seeker's' Locality' ( NOT a specific address ), the type of item lost or sought ( such as: gold wedding band, property marker, coin cache, jewelry, etc ), approximate date of loss, whether the sought item was lost on land or in water and the method of contact.
If you wish you can get yourself an email address somewhere such as yahoo, google gmail or hotmail and use it for the purpose of being available for contact by the 'Private Detector' that may contact you after your case is referred to him/her.

Once registered all dealings between potential clients and 'Private Detectors' are their private dealings.

The 'Private Detector Network' acts only as an intermediary which attempts to bring together someone in need with a 'Private Detector' in their area. Once that is done all negotiations between a 'Private Detector' and a client are theirs. It does not get any more complicated than that.
There is no fee associated with the 'get together' to either the 'Seeker' or the 'Private Detector'.

International Locations: Do You live In A Foreign Country And Wish To Find a 'Private Detector'?

The 'Private Detector Network' envisions that there will be individuals in other countries that will eventually learn of the 'Private Detector Network' and register themselves as available in the country and city. Presently, because this site is new, there are no foreign 'Private Detectors'.


The Private Detector Network does not charge any fees for being an intermediary so any donation for maintaining and upgrading the site is welcome. The Paypal Donation button below is for those that wish to contribute.
Any suggestions you may have that may help this site are welcome. E-Mail me!

If you used the 'Private Detector Network' to get connected to a Private Detector, or if you are a 'Private Detector' that has had an experience of noteworthyness feel free to share your experience.

Here are some experiences I thought were worth mentioning:

"Hi silysavg,
I got in contact with the owner of an older private campground that is planning on selling it and retiring to Florida. Since her husband passed away the job of keeping it going is too much for her. She wanted to know if there was anything worth finding in the swim area and if so that we would share in the finds if I decided to look. Turns out the the camping area has been run by her and her husband since the early 50's and before that by some other couple since the turn of the century. Anyway, I decided to go and look the place over - I'll just say it is in the western side of central Pa. - to see if it was worth any effort. It was worth it. It still is worth it. It's been several months now but every chance I get I am there finding old coins and jewelry. It costs the owner nothing for me to be there, she is getting much more than she thought she would ever get and I have a place that I can pretty much consider my private search area. Thanks for starting the Network, Albert"


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