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Vintage Metal Detecting Advertisements / Ads

The dates referred to in the AD listings is based on the year of publication of the periodical the advertisement was removed from.

Shipping & handling charges, which are quoted on the individual pages which list specific Ads for sale, refer to U.S. locations.

Since these web pages are for the purpose of showing and selling vintage Advertisements related to the metal detecting / treasure hunting hobby the Ads will be at least 25 years old or older.

Manufacturers of metal detectors and other products devoted to the hobby are listed in the navigation block at right.

Any omission of manufacturers in the metal detecting field from the list in the navigation panel is either an oversight or because of my time restraints. I am busy retired person with too many hobbies. It is hard to juggle around everything I like to do in a 24 hour day.

Example of an Advertisement listing.

The White's Advertisement immediately below is an example of the type of Ad found on various web pages.

From a 1974 Treasure magazine.

White's Electronics - Alaskan TR4B, Coinmaster IV TR4B
and The Goldmaster 66TR4B
Metal Detector Ad.

Photo of an advertisement for White's Alaskan TR4B, Coinmaster IV TR4B and The Goldmaster 66TR4B metal detectors from a page from Treasure magazine

This Ad is size 10 6/8 X 7 7/8 inches. Full color.

Cost - $1.00 - sold
S & H - $1.00

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