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Articles About Functions And Settings About Metal Detectors Or Metal Detecting In General - Non-Specific.

The dates referred to in the Article listing is based on the year of publication of the periodical the article was removed from.

From a 1982 Western & Eastern Treasures magazine - Article.

Metal Detector functioning - General Operation of Detector's Electronics During A Search Coil Sweep.

With a Tesoro Deep Search IV modified schematic the article describes what happens inside the detector during it's operation during a coil sweep. The description of signal processing of the electronics is simplified so that non-electronic oriented people can get a good idea of how a detector actually works.
Applies to most any brand/model.

Photo of an article about how a metal detector's electronics processes a coil sweep. From a 1982 Western and Eastern Treasures magazine

This Article consists of two sheets ( three pages - 20, 21 and 22 ).

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From a 1982 Western & Eastern Treasures magazine - Article Involving Operational Functions..

Although the article uses Wilson-Neuman GBD II and Usika Metal Detectors as an example the article content is:
A very good explanation of the 'Sensitivity' function. How that function affect's depth capabilities and audio sounds. It actually applies to most all detectors.

Photo of an article about 'Sensitivity' settings and especially regarding Wilson-Neuman's GBD II and Usika metal detector models. From a 1982 Western and Eastern Treasures magazine

This Article consists of two sheets ( two pages - 56 and 57 ).

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