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What is the 'Private Detector Network'?

Ever lose a wedding band somewhere in the backyard while raking leaves? How about inadvertantly dropping some valuable pocket contents while frolicking in the yard with the grandkids?

Have you spent a lot of time looking for what you lost and come up empty? Have you dug several holes trying to find the property markers or septic tank lid?

If you answered yes to any of the above or can think of other situations where a metal detector would have come in handy you found a place that can likely help.

'Private Detector Network' is a group of experienced metal detector users joined for the purpose of providing services for those in need of some quality time in search of what may be easily found by virtue of professional equipment in the hands of knowledgeable individuals. Consider it like hiring a Private Detective but one specializing in finding metallic objects.

Here is an example of a 'Private Detector's' business card that is registered for Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Photo of business card - silysavg - Treasure Hunter

If you would like to register as a 'Private Detector' send along a note explaining where your region is and your experience with the use of metal detecting equipment.

Why not just rent a metal detector and search yourself?

Professional quality metal detectors are a complex lot requiring some mastery of all their functions. While some of the older units may be 'turn on and go' they lack some of the better features of modern equipment which help in the search.

Modern, top of the line metal detectors have so many features that it is possible to search and find lost items in as little as a few minutes in cases of knowing a near-abouts location whereas some of the older technology would result in hours of searching and oftentimes result in fruitlessness and frustration.

Contact the Private Detector Network to see if someone knowledgeable in using professional metal detecting equipment is registered to assist in your area.

Althought the 'Private Detector Network' is a new entity metal detectorists register here as the site becomes known. By briefly giving a 'lost item' scenario and a regional location to the Private Detector Network a person experienced in using a metal detector and that lives nearby to your area can be referred to help locate the item.
The Private Detector Network acts only as an intermediary for initial contact. Once contact is established between the Private Detector and the client the two parties can, if desired, get further involved as to rates for conducting searches.

Just register as a client in need ( as a 'Seeker' - a person that needs a 'Private Detector' ) by explaining what locality you need help in, what will be searched for and date of loss.

Is there a list of States / Regions showing where a Private Detector is registered to be of help?

Under the 'Menu' at the right navigation find 'Private Detectors For Hire'. It will take you to the current list of States / Regions that have a 'Private Detector' registered with the Private Detector Network.

Is The 'Private Detector Network' able to help locate items lost in water?

As the 'Private Detector Network' becomes more well known it is forseen that Private Aqua-Detectors will become more available. Presently States / Regions are limited mostly to Private Terra-Detectors, except as noted in the State's List.

Pgoto of a 'Private Detector' doing a water searchPresently those experienced in Aqua-Detecting have limitations which enable them to search for lost items in water that can searched for by wading only.

Eventually, there will be experienced Private Detectors that have the capability to conduct searches where diving is a requirement.

Private Scuba Detectors registered with the Private Detector Network will of course be much less plentiful so negotiations as to rates will involve more time and expense between the Private Scuba Detector than the Private Terra-Detector


The Private Detector Network does not charge any fees for being an intermediary so any donation for maintaining and upgrading the site is welcome. The Paypal Donation button below is for those that wish to contribute.
Any suggestions for site improvements are welcome. E-Mail me!

If you used the 'Private Detector Network' to get connected to a Private Detector and found the experience rewarding your thoughts and experiences are welcome.

Here are some experiences of individuals that became reconnected with their lost items:

"Hi Mike,
I wanted to let you know that the wedding band that I lost in 1952 was found by Private Detector Jim Addison here in the Denver area. He spent approximately 4 hours marking targets in the area where I used to have a garden and I dug the targets he marked. In addition to the wedding band we also found various artifacts and some coins. I believe I had about as much fun as I could remember. Thanks for the service.


"Private Detector Network. What a great idea. I contacted the lady that was referred to me as the local person that could help and after a brief dicussion arranged to have Doreen search along my long sidewalk for my black onyx gold ring I lost two years ago shoveling snow. It only took less than an 1/2 an hour for her to find it but I have been on my hands and knees multiple times scrubbing the grass with no luck. Keep the site running. As more people find out about it more will be wanting to find a private detector person of their own to help out.
Smiling again here in Boston,

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