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Tesoro Metal Detector Model Chronology

The chronology of Metal Detector models is listed to provide help to those contemplating the purchase of older detectors, many of which are excellent choices for the hobby.
If you have some definite dates that any models in the list were released, or find what you believe to be an error, please email me so I can make corrections.

Tesoro Started 1980

Deep Search VI - first Tesoro metal detector introduced — 1980
Deep Search VII - about late 1980
Deep Search IV - about late 1980
Aztec - introduced 1981
Amigo - introduced 1981
Cortés - introduced 1981
1981 - first true Lifetime Warranty in the metal detecting industry.
1981 - introduced the Metal Detector Information magazine or MDI ( general metal detecting info for detectorists )
Mayan - introduced 1982
Scout - introduced 1982
Inca - introduced beginning of 1983
Silver Sabre - introduced the end of 1983
Sabre II - introduced 1984 for Montgomery Wards
Sabre Supreme - introduced 1984 for Montgomery Wards
Silver Turtle - introduced 1984 - Tesoro electronics inside a Turtle housing ( underwater ), assembled and warranted by Turtle
Cutlass - introduced 1985
Golden Sabre - introduced 1985
Silver Sabre Plus - introduced 1986
Royal Sabre - introduced 1986
Eldorado ( Metal Housing ) - introduced 1986
Toltec 100 - introduced 1987
Toltec 80 - introduced 1988
Diablo - introduced 1988
Pillar 4 Reale & Pillar 8 Reale - 1989 ( slightly modified Silver Sabre's ). These are 'Private Label' metal detectors manufactured by Tesoro's sister co. - Yavapai Industries.
Golden Sabre Plus - introduced 1989. Last Tesoro detector in a metal housing.
( Lobo original ) - 1989. First Tesoro with Plastic Housing.
Pantera - introduced 1990
Bandido - introduced 1990
Silver Sabre II - introduced 1991
Stingray - introduced 1991
Diablo II - introduced 1991
Laser B1 - introduced 1991. First private label detector for the European market ( Treasure World ).
Laser B2 - introduced 1992
Golden Sabre II - introduced 1992
Cutlass II - introduced 1992
Bandido II - introduced 1993
Toltec II - introduced 1994
Sidewinder - introduced 1994. This design was the start of the µMax series of detectors in 1996.
Stingray II - introduced 1995
Piranha - introduced 1995
Laser B3 - introduced 1995
Amigo II - introduced 1996
µMax series of detectors - introduced 1996
Sidewinder µMAX - introduced 1996
Diablo µMAX - introduced 1996
Cutlass µMAX - introduced 1996
Bandido µMAX - introduced 1996
Silver Sabre µMAX - introduced 1997
Laser PowerMax - introduced 1997
LOBO SuperTRAQ - introduced 1997
Bandido II µMAX - introduced 1997
Troy Shadow X2 - introduced 1997. Private Label for Troy Custom Detectors
Cutlass II µMAX - introduced 1998
Laser Rapier - introduced 1999
Sand Shark - introduced 1999
Compadre - introduced 2000
Conquistador - introduced 2000
Tiger Shark - introduced 2000
Golden µMax - introduced 2000 approx. Email me if you can verify.
Euro Sabre - introduced 2001
Silver µMAX - introduced 2001
Cortés - introduced 2001
Conquistador µMAX - introduced 2001
Eldorado ( plastic housing ) - introduced 2001
Tejón - introduced 2003
DeLeón - introduced 2003
Vaquero - introduced 2004
Cibola - introduced 2004


Royal Sabre Plus - unknown ???????. Email me if you can verify date introduced.




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