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Additional styles and color combinations.
Here are photo examples of some of the new color combinations of Pet Grave Markers that are available:

Custom Ceramic Pet Grave marker, Pink border and brown center style. Custom Ceramic Pet Grave marker, Light blue border with creme center style.

Two very popular choices:
On the left:
Pink accents the border of a light brown dappled center of the larger style vertical Pet Grave Marker.
On the right:
A light blue border with a creme colored center on the ' smaller style ' of Marker. This one showing the the ' Year of Passing' option.

Larger style ' Creme ' colored vertical style Pet Grave Memorial Marker.
Custom Ceramic Pet Grave marker, All Creme colored style. This one showing the star cutout and the option of having the 'Lifespan' added.

The date will be incorporated in the manufactured product and situated below the name (as shown in photos above).

' Smaller style ' in a Creme color.
Less money but same high quality..

Custom Ceramic Pet Grave marker, All Creme colored ' Smaller ' style.

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