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Flat Mountable
Black & White Pet Memorial
Grave Headstone Marker

This affordable, yet distinctive ceramic marker is handmade of high-fired, white stoneware and will be a permanent tribute to your beloved pet.
It cannot be damaged by outdoor elements or conditions.

The markers are available in 4 colors.
Pictured is the Black & White. Additional color combinations that are available are Tan & Brown, Pink and White or Blue-gray & White.
See the other markers to view these glaze colors.

You can place the marker flat on the ground or it can be attached to a piece of stone or wood (See photo links above) to create a larger memorial.


Item # FBW - 1 - 1
Cost: $15.00

S & H *** U.S.A. >> Either $12.00 or $15.00 depending on buyer's mailing address Zip Code.
See Paypal buttons below.


If your Zip Code starts with
less than 780 please use this Paypal button.


If your Zip Code starts with 780 or higher please use this Paypal button.

Item Description

Featuring a black and clear glazed surface for endurance and easy cleaning.

Dimensions are 2.5 inches in height, 3/8 inch thick, and length will depend upon the amount of letters in the pet's name, with the minimum length being 8 inches. You choose the Pet's name to be stamped into the clay. (Simply send a message with your Paypal payment with this information after purchase).

2 nails ( 16d ) will be supplied which can be inserted through holes in the piece to anchor it into the ground.

Marker will be shipped in 7 to 10 days upon receiving payment and information.
With drying time and firing - every piece is fired twice requiring a full day for each - the time required to complete the marker can vary.

An email to you with the exact shipping date will be provided as soon as possible after completion so you will know when to expect delivery.

For an additional $5.00 payment I can include the Year of Passing, Date of Passing OR Lifespan below the name see photo. Send me a message that you want either of these options and I will send an invoice with this charge added or I can send a separate $5.00 payment request through PayPal after your purchase.

I take other special design requests for an additional negotiated fee.

Some recent buyer feedback concerning my Pet Memorials:
- Way more beautiful in person than online - a treasure - THANK YOU
- Perfect! They are even better in person! Highly recommend these! Beautiful! txs
-Stunning pieces!! Great attention to detail, very skilled in ceramics! Thank you

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