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Presently the order form is set up to allow you to choose books to purchase from the drop-down boxes below.
Specify any additional information regarding your order in the comments box below.

The price and the quantity available is listed for each book in the drop-down menu for the books to purchase (quantity is specified in parenthesis).

When I receive your order, either by e-mail or regular mail, an email invoice will be sent to you to confirm receipt and give you the total to pay.

This particular ONLINE ORDER FORM pertains only to books in certain categories. Other book categories, depending on quantity listed on this site, may have their own On-line Order Form.

Other Categories with their own Order Form:
Science Fiction | Generic ( general categories ) | Children and Young Adult | Role Playing Game
Choose Your Own Adventure | Westerns | Sports & Recreation | Military | Science Fantasy

   Item Title                              Price       Available   Order Qty.
As a general rule of thumb - shipping & handling ( Media Mail ) in the U.S.A. is $3.50 for larger hardback books and $2.75 for paperbacks.
If extra books are to be sent together in the same package additional shipping is $1.50 each for hardback books and $1.00 each for paperback books.
If an exact shipping & handling quote is desired this order form's ' Comment ' area can be used for such inquiry.
Contact Information
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E-mail*    An E-mail address is required if an e-mail response is expected.
Without an e-mail I will not receive your ONLINE ORDER, unless you mail the completed order form with your check, cash, money order or other form of payment.
Phone (optional)

Don't forget to leave a comment. I do read them.
Payment Information
I will be paying with a money order or cashier's check to be mailed within 10 days.
to the address shown at bottom of page. ( Payable to: M. Sillett )
I am an International customer. I will send cash, properly converted at the current 'Monetary Exchange' rate.
(Pounds Sterling, Euro's, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars only ) AND (only if the total order is $5.00 or less).
I am from Canada. I will send a Canada Post money order in U. S. Dollars in 10 days.( Payable to: M. Sillett )
I would like to pay with cash or unused U.S. Postage Stamps in the correct amount. (only if the total order is $5.00 or less).
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