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Foraging Wild Edible Plants in Southwest Pennsylvania - Pg. 2

Some of the plants, or plant parts depicted, are the ones I have been foraging and eating for close to 40 years. It's not all of them because I am still adding to my repertory and, as I have time, they will be added.

Several foraged plants have at least one article noted which utilizes that plant or plant part.

If you live in the northeast U.S.A., specifically the Mid Atlantic states ( Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington D.C. ), then you more than likely will have many of the same varieties.

I don't get out West or down South so I can not speak for what wild plant species may appear there.

I started this site to help people that live in my region and are interested in foraging for wild plant edibles.

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Photo of a colony of lambsquarter.
Lambs Quarter - Wild Spinach

SEASONAL - Spring, Summer and Fall.

More nutritious than spinach. Grows on it's own, unattended, in your garden and other disturbed bare ground.

Photo of cracked hickory nuts and nut pieces.
Shagbark Hickory - Easy Open Hickory Nuts

SEASONAL - Late Summer and Fall.

September and October.

Photo of a glob of pectin that has jelled.
Wild Apples - Making Apple Pectin

SEASONAL - Late Summer to Fall, depending on species.

Great for apple sauce, apple juice, homemade pectin.

Photo of freshly picked ramps - wild leeks.
Ramps / Wild Leeks - Morel and Ramp Sausage Gravy

SEASONAL - Spring.

April and May

Photo of Watercress growing naturally - late March.
Watercress - Home Cultivation

SEASONAL - Spring to Summer.

Finding CLEAN water from whence to pick it is a real craft. Another hobby almost.
Pick it before flowers bloom. You can also grow it at home in a flower planter trough / window box with Miracle-gro and keeping well watered.

Photo of a cluster of black elderberries ready to pick.
Black Elderberries - How to find the plant for later picking.

SEASONAL - Late Summer.

The time to find the actual plant is when the blossom's are on. Blossoming occurs early Summer so keep your eyes peeled while driving around and make note of their locations.

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