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- Mushroom Of Opportunity - It is a mushroom species that is generally found by accident while searching for some other species OR while not even searching for mushrooms at the time.
It goes further than that though. It is usually a species that is not purposefully sought but a joy to run across.
A serendipitous find.
Like walking along a path in the woods and finding a bunch of Horn of Plenty, surprisingly. Or driving to some place and spotting a troup of Shaggy Manes in the grass. Seeing a Cauliflower mushroom far off in the forest gloom while looking for Sheep's Head, etc. etc. -

Photo of MOO candidates, Mushroom Of Opportunity
Here are a few MOO candidates.
Horn of Plenty, Little Hedgehogs, Cauliflower mushrooms and Shaggy Manes.
There are plenty of other MOO's. MOO's can appear at any time and make themselves candidates.

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