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Mushroom words starting with letter ' M 'Shaggy manes

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  • Midden - As it relates to mushroomery - Pieces of mushrooms or mushroom parts discarded into a pile during the process of separating the wanted parts from the unwanted. A midden can be all the parts of a mushroom that has dirt, deformities, bugs, slug slime, squirrel bites, larval tunnels, etc.
  • MOO - Mushroom Of Opportunity. A MOO is a great edible mushroom species that is found when looking for some other mushroom species. A MOO is a mushroom species that is generally difficult to find when wanted. They never are around where you are looking for them. An example of a MOO would be Shaggy Manes. They are never where you expect. You don't make a foray, on purpose, for Shaggy Manes. They are usually spotted accidentally. Another MOO is the Little Hedgehog. Those are found when picking the larger cousin or covering ground to find Sheep's Head mushrooms.
  • mycelium - hyphae cells that have grown into a complex system of rootlike networks in the substrate on which the fungi grows.
  • mycophile - excluding insects usually found in or on mushrooms, the term refers to a living entity that loves to eat mushrooms - just a little more than average . A mycophile does not necessarily refer to a human being, although generally it does.
    Certain Red Squirrels prefer a specific truffle to eat when in season, rather than anything else, and will pass over other usual foods to get them. They will spend a lot of their time gathering these truffles and storing them for later use. That is a mycophile !

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