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Mushroom words starting with letter ' F 'Shaggy manes

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  • fairy ring - referring to a group of mushroom's growth habit - the tendency of some species to grow in a circle or arc. Some just grow wherever here and there. Some species have the tendency to grow in circles. Such a tendency is sometimes another feature to use in deciding on it's identity.
  • fibrillose - referring to a mushroom's cap or stalk surface - covered with many fine fibrils.
  • fibril - a very fine, minute hairy type fiber or filament. In fact fibril is the diminutive form of fiber. Fibrils are distinguished from scabers in that scabers are more macro and macho, that is, much easier to observe in addition to being much more likely to remain affixed to the surface structure than the fragile little fibrils.
  • foliose - Usually referring to lichen type. Leaf-like appearance. Like foilage, that is, looking like leaves - collectively. A mass of leaves.
  • free - referring to spore bearing surface attachment to stalk - When a spore bearing surface such as gills, pores, spines or teeth do not attach to the stalk. Mostly, it refers to gilled mushrooms.
    Attachment or non-attachment to the stalk of the spore bearing surface is an important detail in mushroom identification.
  • friable - a mushroom fruiting body that easily crumbles into many pieces when squeezed is said to be friable.

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