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Mushroom words starting with letter ' C 'Shaggy manes

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  • cespitose ( caespitose ) - Tufted or clustered together.
  • close - Referring to the nearness of the gills to each other. Slightly closer than normal.
  • color change - an obvious change of color, or an obvious non-change of color when tested for it, on the fruiting body parts of mushrooms. The occurrence could be on the stipe, the spore bearing surface,the flesh, the latex or the cap's surface. The timing of the color change is also important. The occurrence can be quick, slow or not at all.
    This is different from reactions, or non-reactions, to chemical testing solutions.
  • concrescent - the growing together of mushroom tissue during the growth process to the point where it can't be determined where the actual joinery occurred. This could occur with stems, caps or both.
  • context - the inside flesh of a mushroom's cap or stalk. Context does not include the surface tissue.
  • convex - a mushroom cap that is generally described as dome shaped. Convex is also described as 'bulging' outward.
  • cortina - a partial veil that covers the spore bearing surface and which appears to look cottony or like a cobweb.
  • cross-veined - referring to the appearance of the gills or blunt gill-like ridges - those small gills or gill-like ridges that lie between the main gills, or gill-like ridges and appear to connect them perpendicularly.
  • crowded - Referring to the nearness of the gills to each other. Very close together.
  • cuticle - the skin surface of a mushroom cap. Cuticle is a distinct tissue from the mushroom's context ( flesh ).

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