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Mushrooms & Fungi of Southwest Pennsylvania

***** Picking wild mushrooms to eat can be deadly. Unless you acknowledge that and become a serious student that one wild mushroom in your basket that you eat could be your last.
Do not rely on one resource to learn what you need to.

Having made my 'Dangerous Declaration' above, let me state that the mushrooms depicted on this site are the ones I have been picking, eating and / or using for medicinal benefit for close to 40 years. The articles are my accounts, not a rehash of someone else's.
It's not all of them because this is a new site. I will add more as time permits.

When each of these species were 'new ones' for me, there was always that declaration in my mind.
However, notwithstanding the fact that I have been eating these for so long not everyone can eat the same things and have the same response. Keep that in mind too - always - when ingesting anything new for the first time.

If you live in the northeast U.S.A., specifically the Mid Atlantic states ( Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington D.C. ), then you more than likely will have the same varieties appearing during the seasons I have indicated, weather conditions permitting.

I don't get out West or down South so I can not speak for what mushroom varieties appear there.

I started this site to help people that live in my region and are interested in which varieties can be found, the season they generally appear and the weather conditions existing during their discovery.

I also sell select varieties by 'Pre-order'. Email for prices and seasonal availability.

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Photo of a Bear's Head Tooth - Hericium americanum.
Bear's Head Tooth
Hericium americanum
SEASONAL - Late Summer - Fall.

August - Mid September Availability.

Photo of a Black Trumpet mushrooms - Craterellus fallax.
Black Trumpets
Craterellus fallax
SEASONAL - Summer.

July - August Availability.

Photo of Brick Cap / Brick Top mushrooms - Hypholoma sublateritium.
Brick Caps
Hypholoma sublateritium

Mid September - October Availability.

TESTING REAGENTS:    I have some 3 - 5% KOH available if you want some.
I make it up as I need it.
It sells for $3.00 + S & H ( U.S. A. ) for a
10ml vial. Email me if interested.


Photo of Chicken of the Woods mushrooms - Laetiporus sulphureus.
Chicken of the Woods
Laetiporus sulphureus
SEASONAL - Late Summer to Fall.

Mid August - September Availability.

Photo of Comb Tooth - Hericium coralloides.
Comb Tooth
Hericium coralloides
SEASONAL - Late Summer to Fall.

August - September Availability.



Photo of a Giant Puffball - Langemannia gigantea - A/K/A Calvatia gigantea and Calvatia maxima.
Giant Puffball
Langemannia gigantea
SEASONAL - Late Summer to Fall.

Mid September - Mid October Availability.


MUSHROOM BOOKS:    I have some extra - duplicate - mushroom books for sale


Photo of a Sheep's Head mushroom, Hen of the Woods, Maitake - Grifola frondosa - sold by the pound.
Hen of the Woods
Grifola frondosa
SEASONAL - Late Summer to Fall.

Mid September - Mid October Availability.



Photo of Horn of Plenty mushrooms - Craterellus cornucopioides.
Horn of Plenty
Craterellus cornucopioides
SEASONAL - Summer to Late Summer.

Late June to August Availability.



Photo of a Horse Mushroom button - Agaricus arvensis.
Horse Mushroom
Agaricus arvensis
SEASONAL - Spring & Fall.

Mid May - Mid June, then again from Mid August to October Availability.

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