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Foraging Principles

1. Foraging should be a safe, fun activity. Know your surroundings, mind the weather and keep alert.

2. Get permission to enter private property.

3. Know the local, county, state and federal laws with regard to collecting plants or plant parts.

4. Always keep in mind that there is contamination and pollution so some areas should be automatically 'off limits'.

5. Know your plant thoroughly before considering it for consumption or other use.

6. Observe 'first time protocol' ( eat one at a time, in small amounts, days apart ).

7. Don't feed a foraged plant to someone else without their knowledge.

8. Not all parts of a plant are edible.

9. Food allergies exist! That newly discovered edible berry, fruit, nut, seed, bulb, root, etc. could be your nemesis.

10. Do not waste what you pick. However, pick just a few more of what you plan to eat or use as there is always some of what you pick that can not be eaten or used.

11. Don't take everything from a spot, leave some for seed.

12. Plant some of the foraged seeds or plants elsewhere to give something back.

13. A forager will make a record of the location where good edibles were found.

14. A forager will investigate thoroughly what appears to be a new find of a well known edible.

15. Pick only what you plan to use.

16. Wash thoroughly what you plan to eat.



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