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Need a photo of something?
I have thousands of photographs ( mostly jpg, some png and gif images ) taken over the course of 10 years based on all the items I have listed or sold on various on-line sites such as eBay, eBid, IOffer, etc.

Pictures of books, collectibles, postcards, coins, postage stamps, nature items, magazines, many more.
I am putting them here, on MyPictureBay, to share with whoever wants to use the photos.

Of course they are not all on this site yet because i am just starting it but I will be working on adding some every day until I get them all on.

I am making them available for free to anyone that wants to use them for any purpose.
There is no problem with copyright issues, no license requirements, no fee,
no registration, no log-in, etc.
Just use them any way you see fit.
However, donations through Paypal are accepted, no minimum. It will help to keep the site running.
Maybe you sell on-line and don't want to go through the steps to take a few photos and format them.

Maybe you're new to computers and not up on all the steps required to get the pictures
from your camera to to the computer
( if so, check out my helpful photo tutorial ) on how to copy pictures from internet sites.
Specifically appropriate is, ' Save Picture As ' for use to get the photos you find here on MyPictureBay.

Maybe you can use some pictures for a school project. As a basis for some type of layout ? Who knows.
If you find it here, you can have it!

From the row of letters below click one that represents the first letter of the item you are seeking.
Do not consider using ' THE ' in your query.
For example, if you are looking for a photo of The Fountainhead, click on ' F '.
If you are looking for a photo of a book named Salem's Lot, click on the ' S '.
Nike tennis shoes, click the 'N' or possibly even the ' T '.
If the item name you're looking for starts with a number,
such as: 3.8 mm Gamebit, or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, click on the number symbol - #
You will get to a page of links to photographs, all starting with either the letter or number of the item sought.

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Hope you find something you can use.
Good Luck
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