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Magazine Issue Date Contents Summary Each
Smithsonian January 2002 Tracking Tigers, Folk Art Finds Its Place, Afghanistan - Marco Polo Reporting, The Genius Who Foiled Anthrax, J. R. R. Tolkien and the Lord Of The Rings, Frances FitzGerald Returns To Vietnam $1.25
Smithsonian February 2002 New Mexico's Troubled Waters, Sprucing Up Boss Tweed, The Devil You Don't Know, David Hockney's Startling Claim, In Corsica, Earthly Delights & Dangers $1.25
Smithsonian March 2002 Tree Climbing For Grown-ups, Wassup With Pluto, The Captivating Images, of Harry Benson, Still Beguiling Still Lifes, Family Ties - The Genealogy Craze, A Pigeon Racer's Tale, Lure of Easter Island $1.25
Smithsonian July 2002 The Dolphin Wars, Spider SIlk From Goat's Milk, History's Biggest Blast, Beyond Stonehenge, Rooting For Ginseng, Kon-Tiki Kon Man, Gaudi's Genius $1.25
Smithsonian August 2002 Morocco's Mystique, Singing Sondheim's Praises, Oldest City In The Americas, William Clark After The Lewis and Clark Expedition, World's Wildest Horse Race $1.25
Smithsonian September 2002 Venice Rising, Heroes of the Pentagon Attack, Amateurs - Astronomy's New Stars, Saving Orangutans, Maria Montessori Gets An A, There Once Was a Man Who Loved Limericks. $1.25
Smithsonian October 2002 Master Class At The Louvre, Cuban Missile Crisis 40 Years Later, Sulfur Caves Disgorge Some Surprising Secrets, Will The Kakapo Go the Way of the Dodo, The Irrepressible Louis Leakey, Book Excerpt - Battling Superbugs $1.25
Smithsonian November 2002 The Many Faces of Frida Kahlo, Athens Metro - Next Stop, Antiquity, Harlem Happens, Maya Lin - Up Against The Wall, Raising Monitor's Turret, Stephen Ambrose on Thomas Jefferson $1.25
Smithsonian July 2005 Mali's Elephant Highway, The Real Life Robinson Crusoe, Syria At The Crossroads, Our Photo Contest Winners, Solving America's Biggest Art Heist, A Civil Battle For A Civil War Battlefield $1.25
Smithsonian August 2005 World War II Ends!, Mystery Man of Stonehenge, Return of the Ghost Bird, Alaska's Glaciers - Going, Going ..., The Surprising Science of Sharks, Vietnam's Shangri-La, Where Old Computers Go To Die $1.25
Smithsonian January 2007
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Peace At Last in the Basque Country, Dava Sobel on Sundials, A Fab Prefab House, Americans In Paris, Polo At 12,000 Feet Art of the Mug Shot, Wyoming's Antelope Debate Free with purchase
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Smithsonian October 2007 Denizen's of the Deep - New Views of Weirdest Creatures, Gore Vidal Remembers Lunch, The Real Jesse James, Congo's Imperiled Mountain Gorillas, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Fossil Finds Upend Classic View of Human Origins, Painting's New Direction: Embracing The Figure $1.25
Smithsonian December 2007 Ethiopian Odyssey - Did Jesus and mary Once Hide There, Ode To Chia Pet, Richard Ford Goes Home, Marseille's Melting Pot, Michael Korda on Ike at D-Day, Dinosaur's On Ice, Miami's Red-Hot Art Scene, Founding Fathers' Houses $1.25
Smithsonian January 2008 28 Places To See before You Die, Lance Morrow on Norman Mailer, Jan Morris on Oxford, One Man's Quest To Find Columbus's Fort, 1908 the Year That Changed Everything, Van Gogh's Letters To A Protege, Monkey Think, Monkey Do, David Maisel's Troubling Earth Images $1.25
Smithsonian February 2008 The Parthenon - Secrets of the Ancient Temple, Steve Martin Gets Funny, Shop Like A Medici, A Primatologist on Trial, Whale Mating Game, Portraits of Black Resistance, WW II's Art Commandos $1.25
Smithsonian March 2008 Cheetahs - A Plan For Their Survival, A Phantom Find ( 1907 recording of the opera ), Evel Knievel's Bike, The New Ho Chi Minh Trail, Japan's Fabled Hot Springs, Bhutan Opens Up, Beijing's Forbidden City, Quincy Jones at 75 $1.25
Smithsonian April 2008 Videophilia, Campaign Monkey Business, Illuminating Black Holes, Cape Town, LBJ's Lost Cause, Gustave Courbet's Revolutionary Art, Nabbing History Thieves, Baseball's Guru of Grass $1.25
Smithsonian May 2008 Magical Maine, Elusive Winslow Homer, Learning To Love Hyenas, Marilyn Monroe Finds a Friend, New Yorkers Rude?, No #!*&$ Way $1.25
Smithsonian June 2008 Betty Ford Takes a Bow, Darwin Wins, Great White Sharks - The Brain Behind the Jaws, The Utah Wars, Growing Carats, Europe's Small House Museum's, Strange Worlds of Gregory Crewson, The Talented Mr. Montague $1.25
Smithsonian August 2008 China's Great Wall, Stalking Tomatoes, Leopold and Loeb - Crime of the Century, Mafia Princess, Bo Diddley $1.25
Smithsonian September 2008 Saving The Oceans, Iguana Lady, Boy George, Two-Bit History ( photobooths ), Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Afghanistan's Greatest Treasures, Macau Hits The Jackpot $1.25
Smithsonian November 2008 Lucky Dinosaurs, Emily Dickinson's Family Feud, Niger's Wild Giraffes, Older Than Stonehenge, Munich's Year, The Korean War In Color $1.25

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