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Make A Benchtop Sheet-metal Brake - Plans

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Item: # 10 - 8 - 4
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Item Description

Benchtop Sheet-metal Brake.

Neat right-angle bends and flat folds are easy to make with this simple, benchtop, sheet-metal brake.
Construct it with standard lumberyard sized wood. Good hardwood would be best.

The metal you wish to bend is slid under the pressure plate, two handles are tightened down on that pressure plate ( they look like clamps in the photo ) and the hinged 'forming bar' across the front is brought up to make the desired degree of bend.
Great for the hobbyist.
Handles up to 26-gauge metal.

One page ( 1 sheet - front only )
B & W photos, illustrations, expanded views, and instructional narrative.

My plans are from original source materials such as books, magazines and other publications and the pages are carefully removed.

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