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Concrete - Cubic Yards Needed per Square Feet of Slab
   Determine how many cubic yards of concrete is needed based on the square footage of the area being covered, and based on thickness of poured concrete.
Stairs - Determine Riser Height and Runner Length
   Figure out the tread width and riser height based on the desired total 'Run' and/or 'Floor to Floor' height. Or conversely, if the riser and tread width is known, what the 'Run ' and 'Total Height' will be.
INDEX - How To Do It Information
   Thousands of magazine and periodical articles alphabetized by topic and giving the Month / Year/ Issue number of that magazine.
   Want to find out what issue of Woodworker magazine has an article about Birch Bark Canoe building? Do you want plans on how to build a specific type of model airplane? How about making your own Smelting Furnace? Check this site out. You will love it.
RING SIZE CHART - Figure out what size ring you need or the size of ring you have
   Do you have a gold or silver ring that you don't know the size of?
Do you want to measure the finger size to determine ring size needed?
With this chart you can figure it out. All you need is a ruler with milimeter increments.
HEAT TREATING - Use the color chart to figure out what temperature the steel is that you are working.
   Fixing or repairing shop tools? Making items from steel that needs annealed or case hardened?
This chart demonstrates the temperature the steel has reached as it is being heated. Each color change indicates a different temperature. To Anneal or Harden properly the steel must reach 1450 degrees - or according to the chart - Cherry Red.
TEMPERING STEEL - Now that you have annealed or hardened your item ( based on chart from above ) what temperature is needed to temper it or part of it's edge?
   Once you have annealed your steel item, worked it to the shape desired, or thickness needed, and then have hardened it, you may wish to TEMPER it, or a part of it, such as an edge, to finish it up.
Different tools need different tempering therefore requiring different temperatures to Temper it just right.
This chart demonstrates the temperature the steel, or it's edge, must reach before proper tempering for that specific tool can be attained. Chisels require a different tempering than wood engraving tools. Drill bits need different tempering than saws, etc., etc.
SCREW BOX FOR WOODEN THREADS. Making Wood Screws, Wood Nuts, Wood Threads the old way.
   Using old files Roy Underhill ( The Woodwright's Shop ) shows you how to make your own Screwbox for use in making wooden threads. You will see him anneal an old file, file it into a workable edge for use in the screwbox, harden it and then temper the edge. You will see how wood threads were made in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
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