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Choose a book from those shown in appreciation for a regular book purchased elsewhere on site.
To receive the free book of your choice use the REDEEM WORD when making payment. You can do that by using the note area in Paypal, Google Checkout, etc. when making payment for the book purchased elsewhere on the site or including a note with mail in payment.
If mailing a payment email me first to reserve the book until payment is received for the purchased book.
These free books are used paperback books or magazines in decent to good readable condition but not good enough to attempt selling ( bent corner, stain, damaged cover or page, writings, etc. ) .
In the several months that the BABGAB ( Buy A Book Get A Book ) program has been running many have expressed their delight in actually receiving a book for nothing that they enjoyed reading but did not have to worry about taking good care of.
You never know what, or how many, may appear here. It depends on the deals I find and if I think someone would find some interest in the subject matter.

Shipping for the bonus book or magazine is also free because with Media Mail,
which is what you paid for with the regular book purchase,
I can send 2 or 3 books at the same price as 1.
Photo of softcover book Escape From The Island of Aquarius, by Frank Peretti, front cover.
Escape From The Island of Aquarius ( Cooper Kids # 2 )
by Frank Peretti
160 pages.
Published by Crossway Books - sometime after 1986.
Acceptable to Good Condition.

Redeem word: Aquarius
Photo of Paperback book - Robotech 3 in 1 novel, Genesis, Battlecry and Homecoming, by Jack McKinney, front cover.
Robotech ( First Generation )
# 1, 2 and 3
Genesis, Battle Cry and Homecoming.
by Jack McKinney
488 pages.
Published by Del Rey Books - sometime after 1994 - 3rd printing.
Good Condition.

Redeem word: Robotech 3 in 1
Photo of hardcover book Star Trek - Insurrection, by J. M. Dillard, front cover.
Star Trek - Insurrection
by J. M. Dillard
295 pages.
Published by Pocket Books - First Pocket Books edition December 1998.
Excellent Condition - but no dust jacket.

Redeem word: Insurrection
Photo of paperback book Op-Center, by Tom Clancy, front cover.
by Tom Clancy
387 pages.
Published by Berkley Books - 18th printing some time after February 1995.
Very good condition.

Redeem word: Op-Center
Photo of paperback book Weep In The Sun, by Jeanne Wilson, front cover.
Weep In The Sun
by Jeannie Wilson
311 pages.
Plantation life / inter-racial romance.
Published by Pocket Books - 1976.
Good condition.

Redeem word: Weep
Photo of paperback book Eaters Of the Dead also named The Thirteenth Warrior, by Michael Crichton, front cover.
Eaters of the Dead / The Thirteenth Warrior
by Michael Crichton
278 pages.
Vikings of 922 A.D. battle a Neanderthal tribe, as told by an arab courtier's manuscript.
Published by Ballantine Books - some time after 1988.
Good condition, however there are a few pages that have underlines.

Redeem word: Eaters
Photo of softcover Ultralight Airman's Manual, by Ben Millspaugh, front cover.
Ultralight Airman's Manual
About flying ultralight aircraft.
by Ben Millspaugh
129 pages.
Published by Tab Books - first edition - first printing - 1987.
Acceptable condition. Ex library.

Redeem word: Ultralight
Photo of paperback book The Education of A Golfer, Sam Snead, Memoirs and playing secrets - front.
The Education Of A Golfer
Playing Secrets and Rollicking Memoirs.
by Sam Snead
169 pages.
Published by Crest Books - first Crest Print - 1964.
Acceptable condition.

Redeem word: Snead

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meta pega.
zum goa.

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